Euclid Avenue in Cleveland, Ohio, is a major thoroughfare. Its modern streetscape includes BUS ONLY lanes and painted bike lanes in each direction throughout most of its length. Most signalized intersections also include left turn lanes, including several with highly eroded markings.

RoadPrintz repainted two of these turn arrows as part of a City-sponsored demonstration. Each arrow had previously been stenciled on multiple previous occasions, and each had suffered through several Cleveland winters, so they were both blurry and eroded.

RoadPrintz was met onsite by a crew of City workers who normally would be called upon to restencil the arrows. The crew was accompanied by Rob Mavec, Traffic Commissioner, Department of Public Work.

RoadPrintz repainted the first arrow itself while the workers observed. For the second arrow, one of the workers was invited to operate the robot via the built-in touch pad in the truck’s cab. It took only a very few minutes for him to successfully position the second arrow, adjusting it for the best overlay/fit with the existing markings.