No, not at all! In fact, this system is not designed to paint long-lines parallel to the curb. It’s a
detail truck, designed specifically to handle all the pavement markings that are traditionally
done using stencils, and to assist in layout, all with no boots on the pavement!

Painting or repainting all the transverse markings, legends, the detail work, the hand-stenciled

  • Crosswalks, stop bars, and turn pockets.
  • Turn arrows, ONLYs, school markings, bike markings, legends, railroad crossings, etc.
  • Handicap parking symbols, bike lanes, and bike boxes.

The system can record and store the precise location and heading of symbols and

  • It can help with layout.
  • It logs material usage of both paint and beads.
  • It can even set out cones before painting.

Nope. If you’re comfortable with a touch-screen tablet or phone, it will be easy for you to learn how to operate it. We already did the rocket science so you won’t have to!

Learning the control system is quick and easy. Experienced road painters can pick up the basics of repainting in less than an hour. To learn all the details, including layouts, we suggest you schedule one and a half days. Free training for up to three operators is included with the purchase of each new system.

The system is based around an industrial robot arm designed to work 24/7. It will last many years with minimal routine maintenance. We recommend that you replace the system batteries every 3-4 years.

The Ford F-550 chassis is rugged and reliable. Please follow the factory maintenance schedule. We utilize professional-grade painting components. Maintenance of the paint and bead systems is exactly what you’re already used to.

Keeping you in service is our #1 priority. We provide 24/7 phone response from native English speakers. Our remote support abilities mean we can usually diagnose and fix most issues quickly to get you back to work ASAP. When needed, we will dispatch road service technicians to deal with any breakdowns promptly and efficiently.