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Robotic Pavement Marker

Join President Sam Bell as he walks us through how RoadPrintz improves the safety of street workers and the broader community. He’ll share examples of RoadPrintz work in Cleveland, including turn arrows, bike lanes and cautionary street symbols.

Robot Painting 10 second loop

Quick example of Roadprintz capabilities

Introducing Electra the Robotic Street Painter

Wyatt Newman, Chief Technology Officer, provides a sneak peak of RoadPrintz’s newest Production Model named Electra. In this video, the painting robot is mounted on the back of a Ford 550 truck at QT Equipment Manufacturing in Akron, Ohio.

Robot Road Marking Training

Road workers responsible for painting symbols on roads, such as turn arrows or “Bus Only”, take the controls of Stella, RoadPrintz’s prototype road painting robotic truck. With just a few minutes of training, they learn how quickly they can draw symbols from Stella’s vast road marking inventory and paint symbols on demand. Not only can Stella quickly and accurately paint any road symbols, she also keeps workers off the road and in the safety and comfort of an air conditioned truck cab. As one Cleveland road worker notes, his wife feels more comfortable knowing that he is sitting in a truck cab and not exposed with his fellow workers to distracted drivers and the hot sun.

RoadPrintz Application Reel

This reel features 14 examples of RoadPrintz painting applications on streets in and around Cleveland. Includes letter painting, symbol painting, green and blue rectangles, center line placement, safety cone deployment, digital road scanning, and cab monitor operations.

RoadPrintz Asiatown bike lanes

Demonstration of robotic painting of bike lanes on Payne Ave in CLE

Robotic Symbol Painting – Live Demo

Robotic painting (by “Stella”) of lettering (“SLOW”) for Spring Dinner of the Harvard Club of Northeast Ohio

Y RoadPrintz

A brief overview of the innovation and work behind Stella, the robot painting truck – an invention of RoadPrintz @roadprintz7525 For more information, go to